UV Inkjet Inks

- Jul 06, 2015 -

Although UV-curable ink from the 80 's of last century, used in the screen printing industry, is now widely used in digital printing, particularly used in ink-jet printing. Thanks to advances in inkjet technology, improve the precision of printing, ink jet printing machine is equipped with the proper UV light source, design and manufacture of UV inkjet printer, plus the preparation of UV inks continue to develop new materials and eventually entered the field of ink-jet printing UV inks.

UV inkjet inks are composed of monomers, optical activity of prepolymer, photoinitiators, colorants and other additives. It has three major characteristics: the energy-saving dry, base material has a wide range of printing, due to high speed of curing to after the operation time can be shortened. UV inkjet ink must have stringent performance requirements can be ejected from the nozzle, in all properties, viscosity and surface tension are two of the most important aspects.

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