Universal Inkjet Printer After Printing And A "universal" Techniques

- Jul 06, 2015 -

Advanced ink-jet printing systems, only the operator pressing the keyboard during operation, you can change printing fonts, symbols and a variety of graphic. It not only can be used to print text and numbers, you can also implement extended bar code and user (customer) anti-fake label printing functions. Inkjet printing system goes far beyond the scope of traditional printing, in addition to black and white and color printing function, also has the function of data processing and storage of information. By selecting it (Setup) for memory storage, which can store hundreds of separate coding (digital and character set, and so on) and nearly a million characters. It connected to the computer, will work the recording and finishing and printing of reports. When it is in series with the host and also on the packaging (or on a different printer) printing out weight record atmospheric images drawn from a variety of data, satellite communications, and so on. Ink-jet printing has been widely used in a variety of shapes and materials of the packaging surface printing, either a hole or a hole, flat or curved surfaces, fabrics or with bones-surfaces, such as plastic, cloth, paper, furs, ceramics, glass, or metal. Apply to speed printing, regardless of speed, variable speed, or run continuously, and most suitable for continuous without stopping of packaging line operations. In continuous production line for ink-jet printing numbers, dates, and other, more economic and efficient than other printing or labelling. Ink-jet printing ink-jet principle both for packaging printing, inkjet printing or used in an Office area, its basic principle is the same.

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