There Are Two Main Types Of Inkjet Printer On The Market

- Jul 06, 2015-

Piezo and bubble. Piezoelectric ink jet printer ink cartridge nozzles at one end, the other end is a piezoelectric material (mostly lead and titanium-aluminum-type piezoelectric crystals), ink on piezoelectric Crystal deformation under high pressure in the nozzle, ink jet cartridge out in time to ink. Bubble-jet printer near the nozzle with a thermal resistance, applied digital signal moment of the current pulse generates heat (heating rate of up to 100 ° c/s, temperatures up to 280 ° c), the ink is rapid local heating, boiling around a small amount of ink to form a bubble. In a bubble of high pressure under the action of ink being sprayed out of the nozzle and the fizz and remove heat. Ink from the store room by capillary action quickly added. Principle decisions of the ink-jet ink development of ink-jet printing ink-jet ink has some special properties. First, the ink must have a certain degree of viscosity, surface tension and pH value of physical and chemical properties. General ink surface tension (3.0~5.0), x10-2N/m, 1~3.0mPa • s viscosity, pH value for 8~9 is more appropriate. Second, the ink should also have long term storage stability, good performance of continuous and batch printing, good color, brightness, clarity and color saturation as well as water resistance, light resistance, weathering resistance. Moreover, the ink component cannot react with the nozzle, so as to avoid nozzle congestion; ink to print clear, fast drying, but cannot or do not use volatile Jet too fast; ink printing out images and text should be clean, non-proliferation, low on ink, inequality.

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