Inkjet Plate Making Ink

- Jul 06, 2015 -

In inkjet plate making technology, the ink is deposited on the plate surface by means of print, and print area formed affinity, shade or physical differences in the structure of the surface to achieve sufficient contrast, reflected in printed version of graphic information. Ink is the scripture of inkjet plate making printing materials, its functional characteristics to ensure that the printed version of the precision and excellent printability. According to a study, different inks in conjunction with corresponding plate, can realize the offset printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing inkjet plate making.

Flat punch holes in four printing, offset printing technology most commonly used inkjet plate first rise in offset printing technology. Early emergence of ink-jet printing film and ink-jet printing PS plate technology, are shades of ink used, replacing the plate-making film, belongs to the indirect type ink-jet technology. This method can solve the PS version used in the film costs and pollution problems, but cannot solve the subsequent pollution aspects of plate exposure and development. Inkjet plate making technology has now become a direct inkjet plate making, oil-ink printing on water formed on the plate of a printing plate, ink is an important compatibility feature material.

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