What are the printing of self-adhesive labels

- Jul 07, 2015-

1. Conference: North America is dominated by flexographic printing technology printing sticker poster. Major equipment is small and medium sized unit type printing units, mainly in ink, using reel to reel printing, Rotary die cutting, high production efficiency, advanced technology and environmentally friendly characteristics.

2. half of letterpress and flexo: this way of processing in Europe, flexographic printing application is basically the same as in United States, Toppan printing also has a 50% ratio, and letterpress printing using UV inks, most of the equipment-cascade or satellite. Material processing method the same as reel to reel printing.

3. Printing: this way to the Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific of developing countries mostly, label printing also compared behind, even is used letterpress printing, but using UV ink equipment of only accounted for minority, most label printing still using resin type ink, and volume to volume printing and single Zhang paper printing way coexistence; due to artificial posted standard proportion high, so single Zhang paper offset self-adhesive label of application widely; in die cut way Shang to flat pressure flat die cut mainly.

4. offset printing: offset printing is our label printing paper self-adhesive main mode. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics and text, rich layers, suitable for high volume printing and printing equipment can be one machine multipurpose, suitable for Chinese label market characteristics. Sheet-fed offset printing of surface did not absorb to unfit for print film, because film label for reel to reel printing requires volatile dry ink. Offset printing with a thick plastic material, such as in-mould label, label, label, but the machine must be equipped with UV curing equipment, requires a small fee.

5. screen printing: screen printing is the most widely printed of the substrate, at present, many by cheap screen printing screen printing factory equipment to contract label and film label printing business. Screen printing inks are the characteristics of the label is a strong, strong third dimension, use the UV ink printed thin film products. In addition to the handful of rotary screen printing equipment outside the competence volumes to the volume label printing, most screen printing equipment for auto flat screen printing machine, printing only a single product, accuracy is not high, does not fit with the label production line of thin film devices. Finishing process in the business transformation at the same time should also pay attention to labels accompanying changes in finishing, such as when you print stickers, stickers according to the label application form for pre-press processing into a single piece of paper processing and Web processing.

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