Sticker printing ink

- Jul 07, 2015 -

Label printing ink performance indicators including hue, size, degree of saturation, viscosity, adhesion, gloss, drying, and so on. These properties on printing technology and print quality are very important implications. Here highlights one of several performance indicators.

(1) the Ink viscosity stability is prerequisite to ensure print quality and consistency, viscosity is too high or too low are detrimental to the printing, so the Ink viscosity control is important. Generally speaking, in the printing process, along with the volatile water and solvents in the inks, Ink viscosity will progressively increase and should be regularly measuring the Ink viscosity, viscosity change records, and to be adjusted in a timely manner.

(2) of the ink drying on label printing also has a great effect, drying too quickly can easily lead to pattern even lighter plate; dried slowly or printing ink adhesion are easily dirty. In General, the ink drying speeds with printing speed, drying capacity of printing equipment and printing patterns adapt to the area.

(3) for waterborne printing ink for labels, control pH value is very important, generally between 8~9. Ink change in pH value will cause a viscosity change, and therefore, the intervals in time to ink printing process adds a moderate amount of PH stabilizer.

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