Self-adhesive sticker how to make paste

- Jul 07, 2015-

The first step: ACDSee run in a browser, enter the folder for the cartoon. To browse the folder thumbnail in the picture with the mouse button and Ctrl key co-ordination to select all to print the cartoons. Click the right mouse button, select the "print" command to open the "print" dialog box and switch to the "locations" tab.

The second step: switch to the "print" tab, select the printer, and also next to the printer by clicking on "Properties" button to set the print quality and color, and so on. "Quality settings" select "the best", "color" choose "color", "media" choose "photo paper", click the "print" button, the self-adhesive sticker paper feed tray into the printer.

Tip: due to the self-adhesive sticker is divided into two sides, only print on the front are valid, on paper, be sure to clear the use printer paper feed mode. For example, when HP inkjet printer paper feed print face down into the paper, and some Canon and EPSON inkjet printers require the printed image facing up into position.

The third step: printed stickers with scissors carefully cut, which made up a a little cartoon stickers.

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