Inspection sticker adhesion

- Jul 07, 2015-

Different types of self-adhesive labels before using, test the adhesive type is very important to see if adhesive is self-adhesive, heat seal adhesive or glue coated paper. Some adhesives may react with specific substances. For example, as a sign sticker under certain conditions can contaminate certain fabrics. Some short sticky labels under the exposure conditions would produce lasting sticky. But on the other hand, some need to have durable sticky labels on certain surfaces lose stickiness.

On recycled paper surface using adhesive labels and other labels, problems often occur. In recycling in a variety of different paper, some paper will be contaminated with silicon or wax coating, so that mixing contaminated final recycled product. In these polluted surface using recycled paper labels, adhesives tend to lose their effect. Note: self-adhesive silicone coating in the label's role is to ensure that stickers easily from the backing paper.

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