Double-sided self-adhesive labels printing

- Jul 07, 2015 -

Double-sided self-adhesive label refers to printing on transparent film multiple times, to look for the purposes of two-sided label, there are two commonly used printing method. Here are pictures of our printing double-sided sticker samples: the reverse label.

Ink printed multiple times: first, in transparent film material (OPP, and PET) printing on reverse color reverse picture and text and graphic printing white ink, cover graphics. BU surface normal color of white ink printing graphics and text, to protect the inks, using technology. After die cutting waste, the label, form a two-sided label. Multiple ink suitable for rotary printing presses, printing with UV ink. Due to print more color, often require two times printed complete (six-color presses, print 12 colors twice). Platform label with UV rotary screen printing devices on the machine, two-sided label can be printed at once completed.

Paper/plastic printing: printing principle as above, the difference is, reverse-printed text is not printing black ink, but use the principle of film covered with white paper, covered with ink. And then printed on paper, complete the double-sided printing. Paper-plastic composite printing can be used in all kinds of labels on the machine, as in a small batch labeling can be completed twice.

Reverse tag is a special case of the two-sided label, that is after the reverse printed graphic films, printed with white ink, or covered with a white, no longer in print. Double-sided labels in addition to labels on the machine in the form of Web processing, can also form processing, commonly used methods for screen printing.

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