Correct selection of sticker printing-ink

- Jul 07, 2015-

Select the ink from the ink of its own quality, color and ink on the wetting of the substrate--namely ink adhesion aspects to consider. Although many types of self-adhesive material, but the material can basically be divided into paper, aluminum foil, film the three types. In China, self-adhesive labels printing mainly embossed (drum printing) and offset (single print), letterpress and offset printing can be divided into ordinary resin ink printing with UV ink.

General paper surfaces due to no ink adhesion problems, so the ink requirements are not high, different brands of ink has a certain degree of interchangeability and commonality. However, foil and film materials, due to the surface tension and the effects of various physical properties, is very strict with the ink, select the ink to adhere to the following principles:

① a self-adhesive material can use a inks supplier of ink at a time and cannot be mixed with other manufacturers of similar inks.

② in principle, each of these stickers material can only be used with match, correspond to the ink.

③ use of additives with ink support, cannot be replaced by other types of additives.

④ to note the ink using the term, do not use expired ink.

Note: (1) thin film surface tension should be at least 38-40dyn/cm2 above, otherwise the ink after printing problem occurs.

(2) the ink should first try printing small quantities, quality, heavy use.

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