Analysis on the quality of cryolite

- Sep 11, 2020-

Analysis on the quality of cryolite

Date: September 11, 2020

Author: Vic Qin

The quality of cryolite not only affects the quality of electrolytic primary aluminum, but also directly affects the entire electrolytic production process. Therefore, accurate analysis and inspection of cryolite is particularly important.

As we all know, ordinary materials only analyze and determine the content of main impurities in the material, and cryolite, as one of the main raw materials for electrolyte production, not only analyzes the content of impurities, but also analyzes the main elements.


Generally, it is required to analyze the content of main components and the content of main impurities during quality inspection. The total amount of analysis basically reached 100% of the sample, and it also included the concept of anion and cation balance to analyze and judge the rationality of the analysis results.

The cryolite manufacturers thus provide a favorable basis for determining the rationality of the content of the entire sample. Avoid the occurrence of analysis process quality accidents.

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